Payment Methods

Currently available payment systems listed below.

Online payments

 Visa / Mastercard TBC Pay  Paypal


Fast Payment Terminals

To make a payment, use your unique 6-digit ID number which you can see in your profile or invoice page..


1. In the main menu, select "Internet Telephone Television"
2. Choose FastCloud
3. Enter your 6 digit ID
4. Pay and keep a cheque



1. In the main menu, select "Telecomunication"
2. Choose section "Internet"
3. Choose FastCloud
4. Enter your 6 digit ID
5. Pay and keep a cheque





1. In the main menu, select "Hosting and Domains"
2. Choose FastCloud
3. Enter your 6 digit ID
4. Pay and keep a cheque

If you use a fast payment terminals, please always keep a receipt(cheque) for your payment..

Bank transfer

GE73TB7357736080100004 GEL
GE55BG0000000637788400 GEL
GE79LB0113141950335000 GEL

In case of bank transfer, please specify the invoice number in the destination..