Terms and Conditions - Shared Hosting

1. Account Creation

2. Unauthorized Use or Misuse

3. Commercial Advertising - Email (SPAM) / Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE)

4. Server Resource / Resource misuse

5. Use of Channel Bandwidth

6. Reseller: User Responsibility

7. Backups

8. Security

9. Uptime guarantee

10. Payment

11. Changing the Terms of Service Delivery

12. Rules for Share Hosting E-Mail Server


FastCloud provides hosting, domain registration, VPS-hosting, dedicated servers, cloud services, as well as other services agreed upon with it and the user (the “Services").

By ordering/subscribing to any service and creating an account with us (the “Account") you (the "User") agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all FastCloud users. These terms and conditions cover all the basic aspects, according to which we provide our services, and they should be diligently studied by you.

1. Account Creation and Transfer

To prevent fraud, we will create an account as soon as we receive the service fee from you and our intermediaries in payment to confirm the transfer. 

1.2. You are required to provide us with an email that will not be in the domain under which you are registered. This email will be used to contact you in case of violations of these terms or other cases. You are required to ensure that this email is correct and up to date.  In case of incorrect contact information (e-mail, phone number) the company is exempt from any liability in case of disputes.

1.3. In the case of high-risk operations/transactions, the document of citizenship may be required additionally or a credit card may be verified to complete the transaction. If you do not meet these requirements the order can be considered fraudulent and may be rejected. 

1.4.  Our technical support will do their best to help you transfer the site to us. However, in the initial stage, transferring requires a lot of effort. We cannot give you a full guarantee of eligibility, availability and cannot specify the time required to complete the transfer. Every hosting company is assembled differently and a backup of certain hosting data may be incompatible with certain formats and aspects, which can make the transfer process extremely complicated and, in some cases, impossible to completely transfer the information.

Unauthorized Use or Misuse

2.1. Users must use the provided services for activities that are permitted by law. Transmission, storage, presentation of any information, data or materials that violate the legislation of Georgia is prohibited. See the list of prohibited services below:

  • Illegal Materials - includes the illegal use of copyright projects, commercial audio, video or music files, and any information that violates the regulations. As well as information that is false and directed to the detriment of a third party.
  • Warez - includes pirated software, emulators, hacking software, spammers, password crackers, IP spoofing programs, and any of the above in encrypted form. It also includes all the sites that link to sites with corresponding information.
  • Pornographic content, especially juvenile pornography.
  • Content that can be considered as immoral transactions under Georgian law, such as promotion of prostitution, child trafficking, etc.
  • Websites that promote and / or promote racism and terrorism.
  • Any software that interacts with the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.
  • Open Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers (unless it is only for personal use).
  • Open source image hosting scripts (unless it is only for personal use).
  • AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites.
  • IP scanners, Brute Force programs / scripts / applications.
  • Mail bomber / spammer scripts, mass mailer scripts.
  • Banner-Ad Services (Commercial banner-ad rotation).
  • File hosting scripts (similar to Rapidshare, etc.).
  • Commercial audio streaming (except for several streams) (for shared hosting users only).
  • Selling any regulated item without having the corresponding right(s).
  • Gambling / casino sites (for shared hosting users only).
  • MUD / RPG / PBBG.
  • Scam sites or link recommendations on them (list can be found at escrow-fraud.com).
  • Live Broadcast or stream of sports events (EPL, UEFA, F1, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, etc.).
  • Web spiders and indexers (such as Google Cash / AdSpy) (for shared hosting users only).
  • Any kind of peer-to-peer actions including BitTorrent applications, trackers, or clients. You can place other torrent links on your site but you cannot host them on our shared hosting servers.
  • Any type of game servers such as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1942, etc. (For shared hosting users only).

2.2. We have no right to edit, review or modify the content of your site unless it violates the rules.

2.3. If a user is found to be using the services described in Section 2.1, the user will be warned or the account will be deactivated without any prior notice. Under Article 54 of the Civil Code of Georgia, the detection of an immoral transaction will result in negligent termination of service, which will not be considered as a violation of the terms of the Agreement.


3. Commercial Advertising Email (SPAM) / Unsolicited Commercial Advertising E-mail (UCE)


3.1. You agree and understand that sending unsolicited emails from our servers or email addresses hosted on our servers is strictly prohibited and will result in deactivation of your account immediately (without any prior notice) without a refund.

3.2. You agree and understand that in order to prevent the server from being included in the global blacklist we have set a daily limit of 500 emails for all shared and reseller hosting accounts. The User can not send more emails than the number mentioned above regardless of their mailing lists. Users who need to send more than limited amount of emails per day can only be allowed to do so once a week.

3.3. Detection of a breach: When FastCloud detects a breach of the terms and conditions, it will promptly start investigation. FastCloud may restrict, suspend, or cancel the account during the investigation so that the action will not be repeated during the investigation.


4. Server Resources / Misuse of Resources


4.1. You accept and understand that if you disclose your account information or transfer it to a third party, FastCloud will avoid any liability for the loss of information.

4.2. If you misuse server resources specified in Section 2.1, we reserve the right to cancel your account immediately.

4.3. Users are restricted to exceeding CPU, RAM resource limits according to certain packages. If the User is on the verge of exceeding the given limits, in such a case, we will contact them and offer the packages with higher limits. If the agreement is not reached between FastCloud and the User, then FastCloud disclaims any responsibility for the smooth operation of the services of the user's account. Users have access to monitor their resources via our control panels and can confirm the necessity of our offer.


5. Use of Channel Bandwidth

5.1. None of the Users are restricted from using the channel bandwidth but if specific Users cause problems for other users on shared hosting, their account will be suspended and offered a VPS or dedicated server. Otherwise, such a user account will be canceled.


6. Responsibility of the Reseller


6.1. Resellers are responsible for supporting their customers. All requests from the reseller sub-user/customer will be ignored or redirected directly to the reseller.


7. Backups

7.1. FastCloud creates backups of all user information for a specified period of time. Backups are created daily / weekly / monthly. All backups are stored for 6 months.

7.2. All backups will be stored locally, in the same data center, and also in other remote data centers, which eliminates the risk of data loss as much as possible.

7.3. The user agrees that FastCloud will not create daily backups of audio and video files. The files will be ignored during the back up.

7.4. FastCloud starts creating daily backups from 00:00.

7.4.1. Accordingly, in case of restoration of any service from the backup, the company FastCloud is not responsible for the restoration of the part of the information that has been accumulated on the server since the creation of the backup (00:00) until the moment of its failure.

7.5. Restoring Virtual Private Server (VPS) is charged with additional fee, in case the failure to pay within 14 calendar days. In case of the failure to pay within 30 calendar days, the virtual private server (VPS) will be removed from the system and at the same time, it will be impossible to restore its backup.


8. Security

 The user/customer is responsible for keeping his account settings secure and not disclosing them to others.

8.2. Your password provides access to your account. You are responsible for the security of your password. You are also responsible for changing your passwords once a month regardless of their complexity.

8.3. If you enter the wrong password 5 times, the system will automatically block your IP address.

8.4. The PHP functions disabled on theserver are: show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, popen, proc_open.

SSH access on the server is disabled for users both remotely and also the SSH Access utility integrated in the control panel.

9. Uptime

9.1.  FastCloud reserves the right to shut down servers for 8 hours per year (99.9) to perform preventive maintenance. 2 days before the preventive maintenance mentioned above, notice shall be sent to the users on their contact emails.


10. Payment


10.1. Current users are required to pay the service fee within 3 days from the receipt of the invoice. Otherwise, their account will be suspended before payment. In case of failure to pay after 2 weeks, the account will be canceled without any prior notice.

10.2. FastCloud is obliged to provide the requested service to the user no later than 1 working day after the deposit.

10.3. The user is obliged to keep their data related to the payment constantly up to date.

10.4.  The agreement between the parties is concluded for 1 year and will be extended automatically for the following year.

We provide our service daily and the invoice monthly, so you will receive an invoice for the service according to the invoice.

In the case of registration of legal entities, it is required to indicate the company name and identification code in the relevant fields.

10.7. In case of wire transfer, please indicate the number of the invoice in the description.


11. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions Regarding the Delivered Services


11.1. FastCloud reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of service. All users are subject to the terms and conditions posted on the site.

12. Rules for using Shared Hosting E-Mail Server

Shared hosting packages are designed and targeted for web hosting. All packages have email service, which is not intended for businesses for many various reasons, and it is categorically unacceptable to place mailboxes that are of crucial importance for businesses.

Incomplete list of the mentioned reasons:

a. Does not have a paid antivirus system (uses Open Source / free antivirus ClamAV).
b. Does not have a paid anti-spam system (uses Open Source / free utilities Spamassassin, etc.).
c. Shared hosting has certain limits on the number of recipients and the number of hourly submissions.
d. Shared hosting can cause a server's Shared IP to be blacklisted due to misconduct by some users, and some mail servers may not receive emails from you.
e. Removing an IP address from a blacklist can take anywhere from a few hours to a week.

We do our best to make Shared Hosting Email Service work properly, but if you still place crucial emails to your Shared Hosting account, FastCloud shall not be responsible for its smooth operation.

P.S. FastCloud's service/responsibility does not include configuring existing emailusers (Outlook, Thunderbird, MAC OSX Mail, iOS Mail, Android Mail, etc.) and fixing any issues/errors. The Users will be provided with such a service if they pay an additional fee.

Working hours start from ten-thirty to seven-thirty every day except weekends.

If there is a problem during non-working hours, please open the Help Card.