Limited space and budgets can cripple your ability to deliver the best IT service to your organization.

SysNet virtualization services address the core issues and inefficiencies found in your organization such as PC, server and storage costs. We simplify administration and IT management so that you have more time to focus on delivering new innovative services for your users.

Virtualizing your business

We are experts in designing, implementing and supporting virtualization solutions from leading vendors VMware and Microsoft. Our advice and the solutions we recommend will be perfectly tailored to your requirements and budget. Once complete, we can either hand over to your in-house team or continue to manage this for you, freeing up your time and staff.

Our VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization services include:

  • Server virtualization – we’ll run multiple virtual servers on one physical server, simultaneously reducing hardware and costs in one go.
  • Desktop virtualization – we centralize and simplify the delivery of desktops to your users and cut the cost of having a PC on every desk.

We offer also DaaS Cloud service